Thursday, December 19, 2002

ok, so i just got this blogger thing. i don't know if it'll help of not. but my best friend has her own site and she seems to find it helpful, more of less.

so this is my life. i have to write. i don't know what or why, but i feel compelled to spill all this shit that's inside me. looking at me, no one would ever suspect that i'm unhappy. i don't try to put up a front at school, but i guess i do. i think all high schoolers do. but at least i don't boast my problems like so many others do. i find it so tiresome that people feel obligated to tell you everything that's wrong with them. there are some things you shouldn't bring up, particularly if they are personal problems. i mean, there's this girl on my dance team that's constantly hurt. she has a migraine, her arm feels broken, she can't touch her toes because there's "a stopper" in her back, etc. sometimes i just want to tell her to shut the hell up because no one cares. the other day she told her hand hurt. i knew she wanted me to ask why, so i didn't. but she told me anyway. she got angry yesterday and punched a wall. so? did she want some kind of medal or something?

but enough about her. i guess i should start off mentioning some background. i'm a 16 yr old soph without a licence b/c my parents won't take me to go get one. i make all a's in school and am currently ranked 1 in my class. i participate in drama, dance, and track. all in all, i'm one of those "goody-two-shoes" that people think lead a perfect life. but you know better. this site's purpose, i guess, is to destroy that image. this is my not so perfect life.